Actual Play Podcasts

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Bitches & Liches

Bitches & Liches is an actual play Blue Rose podcast. This tabletop role-playing game uses the Fantasy AGE system.

In Bitches & Liches, Jess (as the host, GM, and producer) leads her friends Amber, Katie Tregs, Robin, and Sam Tregs through various adventures and shenanigans while avoiding wolves and investigating frogs.

Bitches & Liches is part of the Bitch Team Alpha network.


d20 Dames

d20 Dames is a tabletop storytelling podcast powered by Dungeons & Dragons. Every other week a group of five daring ladies comes together to explore a fantastic realm, befriend (or behead) monsters, and punch creeps.

Writer and storyteller Kat leads players Brittni, Jen, Jess, and Meris on adventures big and small to solve problems and eat bread and cheese.

Logo by Jen Vaughn.

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Qmenera is an actual play podcast in which four friends get together to play Numenera.

Kelrick, the GM, leads Aaron, Jess, and Kenny on sci-fi adventures set in the anachronistic world of Numenera.

Qmenera is part of the ExQueerience Points Network.


Pop Culture Podcasts

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animorphous discussion

In 1996, K.A. Applegate invaded our hearts with the first installment of the series Animorphs. Robin has loved the books ever since and decided to re-read all of them as an adult and tell her friends about them! Join Robin and her two rotating guests each episode for a summary and discussion of every book in the Animorphs series (not to mention the laughs, lobsters, and hawk-love).

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Bitch time always

"Bitch Time? Always" features Katie Tregs, Jessica, Robin, and other special guests talking about pop culture, feminism, and whatever else they feel like bringing up (often while drunk). This podcast also incorporates some of Bitch Team Alpha’s original shows (like BitchPop, Girls Like Comics Dammit, and Feminerd), combining them into one ultra-podcast! Bitch, do you have time to talk? Always.

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is it okay

Welcome to “Is It Okay” the podcast that answers the questions that the internet already knows the answer to! In this podcast, Jessica, Katie, and Robin of Bitch Team Alpha answer auto-fill questions like "is it okay to cry?" and "what is the point of meiosis?" Nothing is too off-topic for these three. Is it okay... to start listening immediately?


Gaming and Twitch Streams

Robin Gets Bossed

In this weekly game stream, two bosses take turns teaching our friend Robin how to play video games. Tune in every Monday night at 6 PT for silly games and lots of bossing!

Pun Times: Slasher

This all-queer cast gathers once a month to stream Slasher, a survival horror RPG powered by FATE. I play the killer, trying her best to make sure no one survives.

Scratticus Academy: Hidden Scars

This group plays Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy 2e in a show called Hidden Scars. I was a guest on one episode and joined the group to hunt down heretics and try not to blow everything up.

  • Hidden Scars: Episode 5 - Slumming it

Monsterhearts 2: Fresh Start

I joined a group of roleplayers for Monsterhearts 2, an RPG about “the messy lives of teenage monsters” using Powered by the Apocalypse. We played every Tuesday for about two months on ProRestarter’s channel.

Podcast Guest Spots

BeholdHer Podcast

This podcast spotlights women in gaming through interviews and audio stories, hosted and produced by Lysa Penrose.

  • Episode 10: Decolonizing D&D


This actual play podcast features a cast of women playing Call of Cthulhu. For their anniversary, they invited other podcasting groups to play through a special one-shot adventure.

  • “The Road to Escalante - d20 Dames”

Very Random Encounters

This actual play podcast plays through many tabletop RPGs by randomly generating as many aspects of each game as possible.

  • Mothership Episodes 1, 2, & 3

Tales from the Mists

In this weekly show streamed on the D&D Twitch channel, Dungeon Master TK Johnson leads four Ravenloft natives and a rotating cast of guests through the Domains of Dread.

  • Episodes 1, 2, & 4

ExQueerience Points: Starfinder

In this weekly actual play podcast, an all-queer crew gets together to play Starfinder. I came on as a guest to play Citsa, a Kasathan Solarian.

  • Episodes 11 & 12